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Tree of Savior
Tree of Savior
Tree of Savior: Mobile Remake
Tree of Savior: Mobile Remake
Game Features
The 5 Major Goddesses
The Other Goddesses
  • Giltinė - Goddess of Death
  • Saulė - Goddess of the Sun
  • Lada - Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Harmony
  • Jūratė - Goddess of the Sea and Marine Life
  • Austėja - Goddess of Bees
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Latest Tree of Savior News
Title Author Date
TOS Thailand is Available for Pre-Registration Meatzza 2017 August 20
Tree of Savior: Mobile Remake Website Launched ZeroTigress 2016 October 30
Tree of Savior Mobile Coming Soon ZeroTigress 2016 September 12
Taiwan Tree of Savior Now in Open Beta ZeroTigress 2016 July 25
Level Up! Games to Sever Partnership with IMC Games ZeroTigress 2016 July 09


New on Saviorpedia
Title Author Date
Call for New Admin(s) ZeroTigress 2018 August 22
I'm Still Alive ZeroTigress 2017 May 26
Changes to Forum System ZeroTigress 2016 September 09
Timezone Widgets Up! ZeroTigress 2016 September 04
Playthrough Videos on the Tree of Savior Wiki ZeroTigress 2016 May 11


TOS English Time
# NAME UTCOFF ZONE Ashburn -04:00 EST # IN ON AT SAVE LETTERS Mar Sun>=8 2:00 1 EDT # 2nd Sunday in March Nov Sun>=1 2:00 0 EST # 1st Sunday in November
TOS Korea Time
# NAME UTCOFF ZONE Seoul +09:00 KST # no daylight time in Korea
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